Hard Island 2017

The holiday for hard dance lovers

Zrće, Pag, Hrvaška

03 julij - 06 julij 2017

Jump, splash and dance with us
od 49.00 €

Exclusive accommodation for GoNParty SOLD OUT. Check official Hard Island Shop or send an inquiry. You can choose between the Hostel Moon Rocks or apartment accommodations.

The hardest island in the world is coming back for you, bigger, louder and hotter than ever!

Let the sound system and the blazing sun melt your mind, and when you can’t take it anymore just jump in the sea and take a swim. Take a holiday, forget about everything else and let go to the sounds of hardcore and hardstyle. You know you want to ;)

Line up

You can find the latest up-to-date lineup on the official website of the festival.

Boat party informations can be found on the following website.


Scene of crime: Kalypso Beach Club, Zrće Beach, Island of Pag, Croatia

Check-in: July 1st

Check out: July 8th

Attention: Package orders for ticket + accommodation for 1 or 2 or 3 persons will share their apartment with other people.

Beginning of festival: July 3rd, 2017

End of festival: July 6th, 2017

Already have a ticket and want just accommodation?
No problem! You can simply remove your ticket at STEP2 of your order.


Apartments in a deluxe house with Wi-Fi, AC, TV, BBQ, a pool and a terrace. Great location next to bus stop, close to the beach.


Day 1: Ljubljana - Pag

All the party goers meet in front of Atlantis, hop on the bus and play some hard music. We will make some short stops along the way, so you can eat, drink or hop out for toilets. We’ll be on Pag in no time.

When we arrive on the hardest island in the adriatic we will check in. Our team will take you to our residence with a pool, where we will stay for the festival. After settling down we take in the sun and the music, then head out to our welcome party.

Day 2:

It’s a free for all in the morning. Afternoon pool party right in our backyard. DJ will keep it hard, we’ll chill in the pool. Perfect, right?

Day 3: Beginning of the festival

You are now used to the sun and the sea. We start with a little afternoon party from 15:00 to 20:00, and the night party starts at 22:00 and lasts till 5:00 or 6:00. We’ll also do a beer pong tournament. The winner gets nice prizes, so make sure to check it out.

Day 4: Second day of the festival

Late breakfast then a bit of siesta on the beach. After we cure your hangover we start the party in our residency. It’s all about the pool, BBQ and beer. Once the beer is gone we go right back to the partying.

Day 5: Third day of the festival

Wake up, power up and off we go! The beach is calling! Or maybe the pool? Doesn’t matter. Because today is the last night party of the festival we’ll go in hard! Traditional Tulum (closing party) this year will be even more off the hook than last years!

Day 6: Fourth day of the festival

No surrender for the party animals! After chilling on the beah we get ready for the last day of the festival. Another beeng pong tournament and give away the last prizes. After this we go to Cool down party.

Day 7: The last day

Full of memories (and possibly alcohol) we’ll use this day to relax and unwind in one of the clubs on the beach. Catch the last sunrays!

Day 8: Pag - Ljubljana

After late breakfast and check out we hop on the bus and go home towards Ljubljana.


Boat party

Like every year, we’re throwing a bunch of parties on boats this year too! They were all sold out last year, that’s how great they are. We almost sank one ship, guess we hit it a bit too hard.

Boats will leave from Novalja, so get there, board the ship and let it rip! But hurry up, they’re selling out FAST.

Ride around

We organized free transfer from our residence to club and back (once a day during the night party). For all other rides we suggest you buy tickets for local public transportation.